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June 23, 2020 Leo

What is the Best Paint Protection Film?

What is the best paint protection film? Well, that’s a great question. There are plenty of PPF, otherwise known as clear bra, on the market today. We’ve tested out a good majority of them, so here at Car Deets we really know what we’re talking about. The best protection for your vehicle’s paint is by far Ceramic Pro Kavaca. Kavaca is the leader in paint protection film because it is backed by a 10+ year warranty, it stretches better than any other product out there, and we have found that it doesn’t yellow over time. Especially out here in Alaska, you need a paint protection film that is going to withstand the harsh weather we have out here. It needs to protect against the snow and the road salt without cracking. Kavaca does just that! Learn more about it here.


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