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Ceramic Paint Coating Wasilla, Anchorage and Fairbanks

In order to better serve our customers, Car Deets Auto Detail has undergone extensive training to become an authorized installer of Ceramic Pro 9H for your car, truck, or SUV. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about this revolutionary car paint protectant.

What is Ceramic Pro?

Developed by the Nanoshine Group, Ceramic Pro is a brand of protective coating systems specifically designed for use in automotive, marine, and aerospace applications. Thanks to nanotechnology, Ceramic Pro products exhibit superhydrophobic characteristics that are self-cleaning, while also offering long-term protection from UV exposure, corrosion, staining, scratch resistance, and more, to a wide variety of surface types.

What kind of protection does Ceramic Pro coating offer?

While 9H won’t keep your paint safe from a front end collision, it will keep those pesky bird droppings from etching through your clear coat, which could require a re-spray. Depending on what gets treated, Ceramic Pro can offer serious protection from swirls, light scratches, UV fading, corrosion, staining, and more.

Is it possible to protect the interior of my car?

Depending on the interior surface, your vehicle may benefit greatly from a Ceramic Pro Textile or Leather treatment. Not only will the interior be protected from spills, staining, dirt and grime, but it will also be safe from UV damage and fading.

How are Ceramic Pro paint protection coatings applied?

Protective paint coatings like 9H and Light are applied by hand one panel at a time. Prior to application, surfaces must be fully cleaned, inspected, prepped, and potentially even polished so the coating can properly adhere. It’s a vital step to ensure a strong bond between the paintwork, stacked coating applications to ultimately improve coating longevity. It takes time to install and cure any protective coating, but great things come to those who wait.

Do Ceramic Pro coatings come with any type of warranty?

If your vehicle is treated with a Gold, Silver, or Bronze exterior coating package, it will be covered with a manufacturer-backed lifetime, five-year, or two-year warranty respectively. Warranty information can be found here: http://www.nanoshine.com.au/lifetime_warranty.html

Can I apply Ceramic Pro myself?

No. Ceramic Pro paint protectant coatings can only be offered and applied by Nanoshine Group/Ceramic Pro authorized shops.


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