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There is nothing quite like taking all of your friends and family members out on your boat on a beautiful sunny day, is there? However, the amount of joy you experience on the water is far more enjoyable than the feeling you get when you are having to clean your boat after a day of fun. Whether drinks have been spilled on the upholstery, trash is in the floor or you simply don’t like for your boat to sit with that mysterious lake grime on it, a boat detailing service is precisely what you need.

Car Wash Detailing Anchorage, Wasilla and Fairbanks

At Car Deets Alaska, our name may make you think we only detail automobiles, but this is not the case. When you bring your boat to our shop, we can make it look like new. We are capable of detailing any boat regardless of the type or construction including fiberglass, wood or aluminum. Check out what boat detailing services we offer below.

Exterior Boat Detailing Services

We provide extensive detailing services to make your boat shine and sparkle on the outside. Taking good care of the exterior of your boat is sure to pay off in the long run as well. Not only will you love the way your boat looks every time you load it onto the trailer and make your way to the water, but you will also be enjoying your boat for many more years to come than you would be able to without occasional detailing service.

Our exterior detailing services include:

  • Hot water power wash
  • Full buffing
  • Full waxing

Interior Boat Detailing Services

The interior of your boat should remain in impeccable condition if you want to ensure it remains that way over the coming decades. This means you have to be sure to continually clean and maintain it. When you bring your boat to Car Deets Alaska, we will make sure you are beyond satisfied with the way your boat looks when you return to retrieve it.

Our interior detailing services include:

  • Steam cleaning to remove dirt, scale, fish slime and road grime
  • Full shampooing for boats with cloth seats
  • Application of U/V protection on all vinyl and plastic surface
  • Full cleaning and detail services to boat cabins

Detailing Details:

  • On fiberglass boats we can remove oxidation without damaging the gel coat then apply a high quality wax to help protect the exterior surfaces. 
  • On aluminum boats, we use all the latest technology combined with good old-fashioned elbow grease remove a lake build up and road grime. On aluminum tread plate boats, we clean and polish the aluminum making it shine again. 
  • Wooden boats are unique and require specialized services and we can do it. We can clean, buff and wax the interior and exterior varnished surfaces to restore the luster and shine. 




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